Richmond Weekend


Thursday August 10th
Come mix and mingle with the creatives of Moving 24fps an excellent opportunity for dance and film industry professionals to network and become involved.


Thursday August 13th


Incentives for Moving 24 FPS: Detroit is a value package of over $1,000 in prizes and awards

Gateway to National and International Festivals

Moving 24 FPS connects and distributes projects to  regional, national and international experimental, film, and dance Festivals.  Moving 24 FPS submits films for consideration to these Festivals, which serve as great ways to share your work and brand beyond your immediate regional reach. Past Moving 24 FPS projects have been  selected for the RAD Fest,  Cinetopia Film Festival .

Professional Development and National Network

Access to registry of national creatives from each of the host cities.  Great way to connect with a film or dance maker in each other host cities. Only participants who are involved in Moving 24FPS will have access to this registry.

Complimentary Photo Session

During the weekend, one filmmaker and one dance maker will be randomly selected for a 30-minute photo session during the Moving 24FPS Weekend.

Audience Choice Awards

Part I

Audiences in each host city will select TWO (2) ‘Audience Choice’ Awards at a given screening. The winners will receive a framed certificate and gift card in each city.

Part II

The ‘Audience Choice’ winners from each city (Detroit, Richmond, and Charlotte) will automatically advance to an online contest.  Online audiences vote for ONE CREATIVE TEAM (one filmmaker and one dancemaker) to win the 2017 Audience Choice Awards.  This winning pair will win some serious swag including:

One (1) pair of airline tickets for one creative team to travel to Phoenix, AZ for the Moving 24 FPS Dance + Film Symposium December 2017 (accommodations not included)

Screening of project at the Symposium

TWO Moving 24 FPS t-shirts