Detroit Weekend 2017


Thursday May 18th, 7:30-9:00
Motor City Wine
Come mix and mingle with the creatives of Moving 24 FPS an excellent opportunity for dance and film industry professionals to network and become involved.


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billet doux

Rachel Miller (Dance) and  Chien An Yuan (Film)

a journey of raw discovery, correspondence, and transformation


Michelina Risbeck (Film) and Monica Brady-Barnard (Dance)

Performers: Monica Brady-Barnard, Kayli Bottorff, Hannah Rittmueller



Steven Karageanes (Film) and Joanna McNamara (Dance)

Dancers: Reeves Devoe, Deja Hood, Patrick McCrae, Colleen Murphy, Leda Stimac
B-Camera: Emma Yakima
Production Assistant: Natalia De Miguel Anonni
Music: Digital Juice

This dance film explores social discontent through the improbable metaphor of a chocolate cake, in an abandoned lot in Detroit.


New Beginnings

Lonnie Adams (Film) and Ziva Lynn (Dance)

A woman struggles to escape her abusive relationship and relies on friends to guide her through the dark times.




Molly Paberz (Dance), Ben Friedman (Film) and  Marly Spieser-Schneider (Dance)

Restless is a short screendance featuring dance-makers Molly Paberzs and Marly Spieser-Schneider. Filmed by Ben Friedman, this work utilizes repetition, costuming, and shifting landscapes to explore its themes of time and our tangled, layered internal spaces.



Jaide King-Griffin (Dance) and  S. Lawson (Film)

 The Rise & Fall of Self.  We Evolve and Elevate into our greater self to achieve greatness or we fall and allow our self to accept stigma, failure or stereotypes we face every day.  Choose to R.I.S.E. above instead of accepting defeat. Our minds and spirits are so much greater than we realize. Speak it into existence and act upon it.