I am a DANCE Maker…why should I participate?

  • Collaborate and craft with a filmmaker
  • Push your choreographic and performance skills by working in a new medium (from live to screen)
  • Walk away with hi-resolution media content for your portfolios
  • Non-competitive, low pressure opportunity to explore making work in a new way
  • Expanding your reach and screendance to film and dance festivals throughout the United States.

Creatives Stories

Creatives in Process: Dance Maker Jennifer Harge

Jennifer Harge speaks about the creative process and creating dance for the Moving 24fps pilot project in Detroit 2016


“This project and process has reinforced my artistic voice and my ability to trust my instincts. The pressure cooker situation leaves no room to judge or question, all you can do is go with that crazy idea or leave what doesn’t work on the cutting room floor. I love that.”

Kristi Faulkner, Founder and Director Kristi Faulkner Dance